DELL T3500 Workstation

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2x LFF | Tower | DVD | 6X USB 2.0 

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Da 269,00

DELL T3500 Workstation - Xeon 4Core W3530 | Ram 8Gb | HHD 500Gb | NVIDIA Q2000
DELL T3500 Workstation - Xeon 4Core W3530 | Ram 8Gb | SSD 240Gb | NVIDIA Q2000
DELL T3500 Workstation - Xeon 4Core W3530 | Ram 16Gb | SSD 240Gb | NVIDIA K2000

  • Windows 10 Pro con licenza Lifetime 100 0€
  • Driver aggiornati
  • App per media e internet

Powerful Performance Striking
the ideal balance of price and performance, the Dell ™ Precision ™ T3500 Single Socket Workstation is designed to deliver productivity gains and scalability far beyond the reach of normal business desktop systems.

Dell Precision T3500 features the next generation Intel® Xeon® architecture for fast, energy-saving performance on many single-socket workstation applications.

The T3500 Workstation supports up to 24 GB1 of system memory (both DDR3 ECC and non-ECC), for greater levels of performance and data manipulation from applications.

Enhanced Graphics
With its two PCIe x16 slots and adequate power for supported graphics cards, the Dell Precision T3500 workstation works fast to bring your drawing, animation, imaging and design productions to life.

World-class performance delivered by high-end graphics cards: The T3500 workstation can be equipped with graphics options chosen from a wide range of workstation-grade alternatives provided by ATI® and NVIDIA®.

The T3500 workstation offers tested or certified graphics drivers to ensure excellent performance and excellent reliability.

Turbo, ISV tested
Intel® Turbo Mode (designed to switch to higher processor performance speed without heat issues for the system) and direct access cache help accelerate both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications.

Dell’s advanced thermal design and efficient processor heat sinks help you stay in Turbo mode even for long periods of activity.

Dell works with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to certify system compatibility, ensuring that the certified workstation applications you install on the T3500 workstation will perform flawlessly right out of the box.

Peso 18 kg
Dimensioni 55 × 25 × 55 cm

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  1. Lorenzo

    ottimo pc workstation rigenerato per fare CAD o grafica, risponde appieno alla descrizione del venditore. Consigliato a chi vuole una macchina valida per uso intenso 2D e anche 3D o semplicemnte una base per fare gaming.


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